La Vinya del Senyor

Vins i platillos

The Born’s genuine “Bar à vins” is located just in front of the Cathedral of the Sea. After 20 years, it’s a true classic, as is its traditional, much anticipated bimonthly selection of 20 wines available by the glass, which the wine world religiously awaits to discover and taste the latest from these expert sommeliers.
Recomanació del xef:
Albariño wine with a cheese platter six varieties
Plaça Santa Maria, 5
08003 Barcelona
933 103 379

Font de Santa Maria

Arnau de Bargués, one of the most renowned master builders of the medieval era, erected the fountain of Santa Maria in 1402. Bargués also oversaw construction of such important buildings as the Royal Palace of Poblet and the Barcelona cathedral. It was known as the lords’ fountain due to the numerous palaces of the wealthy surrounding the neighborhood, which are now home to important museums. Along with the Sant Just, Portaferrissa and Santa Anna fountains, it is among the oldest in the city.