LA Teca

de Vila Viniteca

Founded in 1932, this gourmet shop has an impressive selection of more than 350 artisanal cheeses from around the world, top-quality ham and cold cuts, oils and unique canned food. We have a tasting area where visitors can enjoy the shop’s exquisite products paired with excellent wines and cavas, plus a separate room for small groups.
Recomanació del xef:
Iberian ham with fino
Agullers, 9
08003 Barcelona
902 327 777

Fantasma d'Agullers

Carrer dels Agullers was previously known as a dirty street completely devoid of hygiene, whose name comes from the guild of needlemakers that worked on that street. However in that time it was also a common place to find spiritualists and mediums. The widow Tobeña, who lived at number 11, reported a ghost in the building to the police. Although it seems crazy, the courts processed the report and in their investigation found that the strange occurrences on Carrer dels Agullers had more to do with the owners’ attempts to force their tenants out.