amb Daniel Rueda

At Tapeo, as the name suggests, you’ll be able to sample a wide variety of tapas, from the classics to the more elaborate, using age-old recipes. For us a dish begins to be savoured before it hits the mouth. Which is why it’s not just how it’s made that’s important, but also its final presentation. What to try?
Recomanació del xef:
Oxtail with Santa Pau beans
Montcada, 29
08003 Barcelona
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Arc de Sant Vicenç

The arches are a classic structure of the Born district and the main streets of the old Barcelona. Encased for centuries by medieval walls, it has always suffered from space problems and arches were the architectural solution to gain space in the city. The Arc de San Vicenç is a great example with an 18th century building in the small street through the extension of the same building. It seems that they baptized this way because according to legend St. Vincent Ferrer did one of his sermons very close to here.