...Boig per tu

A substantial menu on which pork is the beginning and the end, the be all and end all of every dish. Cal Rovira cured meats, beer made by master-brewer Steve Huxley, more than fifty sparkling wines and a suckling pig, the work of artist Mikel Urmeneta, hanging from the ceiling… PORK, boig per tu! is the most unique, authentic, extreme option in all of Barcelona.
Recomanació del xef:
Pork roasted in the I-rational oven
Consolat de Mar, 15
08003 Barcelona
932 956 636

Consolat de Mar

Barcelona’s long seafaring tradition made it necessary to set up a Consulate of the Sea in the city in 1260. This tool created a legal corpus that allowed the Catalan merchant marines to expand throughout the Mediterranean region. Originally located in the building at the Lonja de Barcelona, additional Catalan Consulates of the Sea were later opened in several cities on the Mediterranean, like Marseille, Montpellier, Seville, etc.