Cuina mexicana

Oaxaca, restaurant and mezcalería, draws from essence, mystique and tradition to emerge with total respect for Mexican produce and its original flavors. We’re talking about an evolution of traditional cuisine that preserves ageold culinary techniques and processes for making sauces and dishes while also incorporating cutting-edge contemporary techniques.
Recomanació del xef:
Chicken in black mole
Pla de Palau, 19
08003 Barcelona
933 190 064

Portal del Mar

The building that currently houses Barcelona School of Nautical Studies may look old because of its neoclassical architecture but only dates back to 1920. However the building is located on a spot that has been very important in the city’s seafaring history, previously the site of the Gate of the Sea, one of 10 gateways into the walled city of Barcelona. In the 13th and 14th centuries, this gateway was made up of two doors that were renovated over time, providing access from the port to the city’s commercial, economic and administrative center: Pla de Palau.