de Bizkaia

Just like up north, a traditional tavern like you would find in any village in Euskadi. At Golfo de Bizkaia, fish and seafood straight from the docks at the Barceloneta play an integral role: a quick trip that ensures the freshness of the produce combines perfectly with the traditional cooking methods to create delicacies of the sea.
Recomanació del xef:
Red tuna tartare with “guindilla” peppers from Ibarra
La Vidrieria, 12
08003 Barcelona
932 690 493

La Seca

La Seca Reial or Royal Coinage Fabric from the Crown of Aragon, appears documented for the first time in the year of 1441 in the heart of Born district. Until the end of the XV Century and the XVI Century the building got wider until occupying the whole property. From the end of the Middle Age until its close in 1881 the made coinage, famous for being the first house where they mint the first pesetas.