Societat gastronòmica Basca

Euskalzaleak is the oldest Basque gastronomic society in Barcelona with 40 years of history. The Txoco, it’s the headquarter of this private gastronomic society, located in the mythical building of “La Seca de Barcelona”, in the heart of Born neighborhood. As the ancient gastronomic societies of the Basque Country, Euskalzaleak it’s established for a reduced group of members who meet every week for cooking and enjoy together the best Basque products.
Recomanació del xef:
de la Seca, 2,
08003 Barcelona

Gremis Medievals

Most of the street names in the neighborhood are a faithful reflection of the Born’s history of artisans and guilds. Since the Middle Ages, artisan guilds formed a social network that was essential to the development of the city and its trades, from apprenticeships to social assistance. A quick look at the street markers in the Born is a trip through the artisanal past of the old city’s productive center.