Euskal Etxea

Euskal taberna

The restaurant at Barcelona’s Basque community center, Euskal Etxea, is the most popular meeting point for friends who want to return to the culture and roots of Euskadi. The first and most authentic pintxos bar in Barcelona. Perfect for a drink with friends or sharing good food prepared just like in Basque taverns.
Recomanació del xef:
Piquillo peppers stuffed with crab
Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers, 3
08003 Barcelona
933 102 185

Carrer dels Sombrerers

Barcelona’s narrowest street, called “Carrer de les mosques” (the street of the flies), is located between Placeta de Montcada and Carrer dels Flassaders. It is well known that the street in question was home to the storehouses for the neighboring markets of the Born and Santa Caterina, and that they gave off quite a stench and attracted countless flies. Although before Via Laietana was built there were many streets under 3 meters wide, this one now has the distinction of being the narrowest in the city. In 1991, given that people were using its narrow walls as a public lavatory, the City Council decided to put in a locked gate to restrict access to residents.