Rafa Zafra

ESTIMAR means love of the sea and its raw materials. Rafa Zafra, an andalusian chef, seafood connoisseur and experienced cook who worked alongside the Adrià brothers, runs ESTIMAR together with Anna Gotanegra. Our goal at ESTIMAR is to make our customers happy at this corner of the Born quarter.
Recomanació del xef:
Trio of red prawns from Cap de Creus
Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers, 3
08003 Barcelona
932 689 197

Carrer dels Sombrerers

In the thirteenth century, the old Barcino experienced a transformation that was caused by necessity. The city grew, the walls became small and new ones were built. New neighborhoods and new jobs appeared. Those who worked in the same kind of job were settled all in one place. In the Sombrerers (milliners) street were settled the guild of milliners, manufacturers of hats and caps made of wool, silk, yarn or thread. They worked with needle and this gave the original name of needle milliners. It was considered one of the seven silk arts.