El Magnífico

Salvador Sans is the third generation of roasters of Cafés el Magnífico, one of the great classics of the Born district. Committed in the diffusion of high quality coffee, at Cafés el Magnífico they taste, buy, import, roast, and prepare the best coffee you can find in the city.
Recomanació del xef:
Origin Coffee in filter of the day
Argenteria, 64
08003 Barcelona
93 319 39 75


The first coffee house in Barcelona was opened possibly in 1710 in the Born neighborhood, according to the historian and author of the book "The city of the Born", Albert Garcia Espuche, who tells us that it was a place located in the corner of the Esparteria and Vidriería streets. In their round tables, the locals met to play dice and cards while taste coffee from America. Coffee came to Barcelona through the influence of cities such as Paris and Vienna, and the locals gradually became fond of coffee. So much so, that at the moment of maximum splendor of coffee, in the modernist period (late nineteenth century), due to the quantity of coffees and the quality of these, Barcelona came to be known as "the City of coffee houses".