Vidrios y cristales

BODEGA VIDRIOS Y CRISTALES retrieves the original placard from the previous establishment as a tribute to the artisan past of the neighbourhood. It is based on the traditional concept of the corner “bodegas” of the olden days: good wines, tap vermouth and an outstanding selection of cans and preserves.
Recomanació del xef:
Fish and shells mix
Passeig d’Isabel II, 6
08003 Barcelona
932 504 501

Porxos d'en Xifre

Casa Xifré is one of the most representative buildings in Barcelona. Built in the neoclassical style on behalf of Josep Xifré i Casas and finished in 1840, it is located at the Port Vell, right across the Llotja de Barcelona and the stock market building. In 1839 it was chosen to be the place where the first photograph in Spain would be shot. Since its inauguration, many businesses were established in the porches of the building, some of which are still running. It is nowadays a revitalized urban area, still as commercially dynamic as during its glory days.