7 Portes

Una cuina amb història

7 Portes Restaurant is one of the most emblematic restaurants in Barcelona specialized in traditional Catalan cuisine founded by the Parellada family in 1836. Numerous artists and personalities have gone through our tables, enjoying rices and paellas, such as the famous Parellada Paella and seasonal dishes. Live and enjoy the gastronomic history of our city.
Recomanació del xef:
Traditional Parellada Paella with lobster
Passeig Isabel II, 14.
08003 Barcelona
93 319 30 33

1836 El Cafè de les 7 portes

7 Portes was originally born as a fine coffee house inspired by the luxurious Paris cafés. The new café had seven doors for the costumers and another one for the staff, reason why it was called “Cafè de les 7 Portes”. Later, in 1929, Chef Morera took over the management of the café, and made it into a restaurant. The establishment became one of the most popular in the city; and a meeting place for journalists, intellectuals, artists and politicians, among others. Some years later, Parellada’s family took over the restaurant and 7 Portes achieved one of the most successful period ever until it has turned into one of the most emblemathic Barcelona’s restaurant specialized in catalan traditional cuisine.