per Sagardi

1881 per SAGARDI is a restaurant offering traditional Mediterranean cuisine on a great outdoor roof terrace with privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Barcelona skyline. Located on the top floor of the Museum of the History of Catalonia, history and culture unite in a unique spot full of gastronomy, feeling and emotion.
Recomanació del xef:
Roasted fish of the day donostiarra style
Museu d’Història de Catalunya (4ª planta)
08003 Barcelona
932 210 050

Edifici de les Indianes

What we know today as Palau de Mar used to be the Almacenes Generales de Comercio (AGC – General Trade Storehouses), a building designed in 1881. The project was inspired by the British port buildings of the time and the resemblance to the docks in ports like London or Liverpool is still clear today. Opened in 1902, the new facility incorporated some truly attractive novelties for the time, like lifts and conveyor belts to move goods. Rail tracks were put in around the building to make it easier to move cargo around the port. The building was renovated in the 1990s and is now home to the Museum of the History of Catalonia and the restaurant 1881 per Sagardi on the fourth floor.