Cooks and merchants

Barcelona Born Gourmet is an association that brings together a selection of restaurants, gourmet shops and institutions of the Born district with extensive experience and links to the neighborhood. A great selection of gastronomic establishments with traditional products, prepared and manufactured in and for the neighborhood and that contribute with craftsmanship, responsible and cultural value added to their customers and main public.

Arround the Barcelona Born Gourmet association we find merchants and chefs with a long tradition in the neighborhood such as Quim Vila, Iñaki and Mikel Lz de Viñaspre, José Varela, Fermí Puig, Ramon Parellada, Fran Heras, Santi Hoyos, Joan Bagur, Daniel Rueda , Jose Manuel Juárez or Rafa Zafra.

Rooted in a neighborhood with a great artisanal tradition that takes us back to the Middle Ages, the establishments that make up the Barcelona Born Gourmet route offer visitors a top-notch culinary experience. All of these establishments combine tradition and forefront; their main value is the quality of their products.